High School OWL!!

High School OWL!!

Dear YRUU family –

In my first message about the High School OWL program, I neglected to mention that we also have a mandatory parent orientation aspect – as with every level of OWL (being taught to those under 18)! It’s very important that if you/your student are thinking about attending, that you please register. The deadline is Friday, October 5. We’ll have an orientation at OBIC on Sunday evening October 7.

Right now, numbers are very low, but we know we have heard interest in this program. Here is another thing to consider and talk about with your family, and Jen will talk about it in person on Sunday. There’s also the possibility that we just do a one-day-all-day OWL session on Saturday October 13, rather than doing any overnights. If this would work better for you than overnights, please let Jen know! (Remember this is all taking place at the UU Congregation of Frederick.)

The link to register is here! Please ask Jen questions in person on Sunday or email her here!

Thank you! I know this program is important to so many of our families, so please give some thought to what High School OWL option may work best for you!


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