Hold the dates May 21 & 22 for Group Relations Workshop!

Hold the dates May 21 & 22 for Group Relations Workshop!

The Group Relations Workshop (GRW) Committee is excited to announce that the UUCC Board approved the facilitation team we recommended to lead a Group Relations Workshop! Everyone who is interested in moving forward as a community of faith is encouraged to join us for this long-awaited event on the morning of Saturday, May 21 and the afternoon of Sunday, May 22.

The GRW’s purpose is to “oversee the implementation of an expertly facilitated congregational workshop focused on relationship-building, reconciliation, and trust-building; strengthening intergroup relations within our congregation; and developing strategy for moving forward together as a community of faith.”

After a rigorous RFI and RFP process, we selected the facilitation team of Brian Bloch and Will Tansey. Brian Bloch’s overall breadth and depth of experience is outstanding. His references ranged between excellent and effusive. He has had engagements across many types and sizes of groups including government,an International NGO, different racial and ethnic groups and various religious organizations. Brian has worked in over 35 countries as a organizational development facilitator, mediator and ombuds. Recently, as the ombuds in the Bureau of Indian Affairs ( U.S. Department of the Interior), he has supported the President’s executive order: “On Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government”. You can learn more about Brian here.

Over the next two weeks, we will be finalizing our Statement of Work, and then collaborating with the facilitator team to create the plan leading up to and including the workshop. As soon as the plan is developed, we’ll share details and be ready to answer questions. In the meantime, you are welcome to revisit our committee responses to current FAQs. 

One of our top goals is to maximize the opportunity for our members to participate and attend. So please mark your calendars for May 21 and May 22 now!

We would like to thank everyone who has helped bring UUCC’s Group Relations Workshop to life, and especially the current and recent UUCC Boards, UUCC staff, Trust & Reconciliation Committee and participants, GRW donors and everyone else who has helped us. Thank you!


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