UUCC works to combat homelessness on a number of levels.

For one week each December, we host the Warm Welcome Shelter (a.k.a. Grassroots Cold Weather Shelter) with our sister congregations at the Owen Brown Interfaith Center.  The Cold Weather Shelter is a partnership with the faith community and Howard County government which provides overflow shelter from November through March. Congregations host the shelter for one or two weeks and provide volunteers for transportation, meals, laundry and to work shifts in the shelter. Grassroots provides administrative coordination and a staff person to act as the team leader during the hours that the shelter is open. For emergency shelter needs, please contact the crisis hotline at 410-531-6677. Please click HERE to view a thank you for our contribution!

A team of volunteers serves dinner and assists with myriad other needs once each month at the Day Resource Center.

We support Bridges to Housing Stability through their annual Chili Cook-Off fundraiser and other one-time needs and projects.  If you are a private landlord, please read more about their Landlord Engagement Program.

Through the leadership of Help End Homelessness Howard County, UUCC has played a small role in purchasing, remodeling, and furnishing two homes that are now rented by families who were previously homeless.

If you are interested in any of these programs, please contact socialaction@uucolumbia.net.



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