Hope and Heartbreak On The Asylum Seeker’s Journey

Hope and Heartbreak On The Asylum Seeker’s Journey

Join the Immigration Action Group for a presentation by Betty Guthrie, an immigration rights activist, following the service:
Sunday, June 24, 11:30 am
UU Congregation of Rockville Sanctuary
Refreshments will be served

Every year thousands of people arrive at a United States port of entry and ask for protection from persecution in their home countries, believing that this is the land of human rights and opportunity.  Most of those who arrive without a visa are placed in ICE detention and face deportation proceedings in Immigration Court, most often without legal representation and with limited access to evidence that would support their cases.  Theirs is a story of suffering and courage, high hopes and bitter disappointment, and in the best case, of the opportunity to rebuild their lives in this country.

Betty Guthrie has been visiting immigrants in detention since 2013.  Frustrated and curious about the process she saw immigrants going through, she began learning more about immigration law and became especially interested in the African and Haitian asylum seekers she met in detention.  She is eager to share with others the stories of struggle and survival that she has heard from asylum seekers in detention and beyond.

We are asking participants to RSVP by clicking HERE so we will have an idea about how many refreshments to provide.


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