Hosting a UUCC Zoom Meeting

Hosting a UUCC Zoom Meeting

If you would like to host a Zoom Meeting for UUCC

First, thank you! 

Second,  click here  for how to Claim Host to take control of the meeting. This will give you control over the whole room.

Third, Zoom Bombing is traumatic and it does happen! Please take the time to read about the following precautions and steps you can take. You certainly do not have to. But be informed!

  • How to kick out a Zoom Bomber or other unwanted Guests…
    • PDF
    • Below is an Interactive video on how to kick a Zoom Bomber out.
  • How to Enable a Waiting Room
    • This allows you to see who wants to enter your room and gives you the power to allow them into your room.
  • How to Lock your Meeting Room
    • If you think everyone who will enter, has entered your zoom call you can lock it to keep anyone else from getting into it.

For more information about your specific Zoom Meeting, such as the Host Key, URL, date, and time, please email Hannah Nelson directly at