How can I donate to the UUCC Endowment Fund? (Includes Margaret Odell Society)

How can I donate to the UUCC Endowment Fund? (Includes Margaret Odell Society)

This is the third in a 3-part series of posts about the UUCC Endowment Fund. In previous posts, we described the Endowment Fund and gave an overview of the annual operations of the Fund. In this post we describe several ways to donate to the Endowment Fund. The full set of donation options is described on the UUCC website: 

  • One-time donations of cash or assets — Donations to the Endowment Fund can be made by check or online ( Cash donations are often given as a tribute to honor the accomplishments of someone or as a memorial when someone dies. Donations in the form of assets (such as real estate, stock or other securities) can also be made to the Endowment Fund, but please contact the Endowment Board first as we are not able to accept some types of investments. 
  • Gifts by will or trust — You can designate the UUCC Endowment Fund as a beneficiary in your will or trust. Sample language is available on the UUCC website, but please consult your attorney or financial advisor when you choose this option. 
  • Gifts by retirement or investment accounts — the Endowment Fund can be named as a beneficiary of your retirement account, life insurance policy, annuity or other investment accounts. Your investment plan administrator will have more information about naming beneficiaries, and the UUCC website has information about the steps to take.

When you make a gift through your will or by naming the UUCC Endowment as a beneficiary, you will be welcomed into UUCC’s Margaret Odell Society. Margaret Odell was minister of UUCC from 1979 to 1982, then served as Minister Emerita for many years. She was instrumental to UUCC’s growth during that time. The Margaret Odell Society is a way to honor both her contributions to the congregation and the legacy gifts that donors make to the Endowment.   

This is our final blog post in our 3-part series. If you have any remaining questions, feel free to reach out to any Board member.  More information is also available on the UUCC website: 


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