How We Thrive Meeting
Attended by More Than 1,100 People

How We Thrive Meeting
Attended by More Than 1,100 People

The following message was received from Nicole Pressly of Unitarian Universalist Association.

How We Thrive

On May 12, 2020, more than 1,100 UUs from around the country gathered online for our How We Thrive live event (see video below)!

I am overwhelmed by our community’s deep commitment to justice and democracy. As Rev. Ashley Horan said last night, “We need to take shifts for the revolution.” That is our commitment.

UU the Vote continues to be a strong force for justice because we have folks like you doing what you can, when you can. So what are some things you can do to UU the Vote this week?

  • Watch and share the recording of last night’s How We Thrive meeting with your congregations and networks.
  • Connect with our panelist and learn more about decarceration, voter mobilization, and ways your congregation can #VoteLove and #DefeatHate in 2020:
  • Take collective action. Tell Congress to protect democracy during the COVID-19 pandemic! Last night nearly 400 people signed the petition calling on Congress to act so that no one has to chose between participating in democracy and risking their life and the lives of their loved ones. We’re just 177 signatures away from our goal.
  • Join Protect Our Votes to learn more about how future stimulus bills will fund free and fair elections. A recent event included Congressman Sarbanes (D-Maryland) along with speakers from Indivisible, the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, the Declaration For American Democracy, Public Citizen and Voto Latino.
  • Join a group of UUs pledging to support Black and Latinx movement groups through the #ShareMyCheck campaign.

Nicole Pressley :: she/her/hers
UU the Vote National Organizer

UU the Vote is a non-partisan project of the Unitarian Universalist Association


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