I Hadn’t Noticed

I Hadn’t Noticed

the new tree planted at the edge of the road in front of the Getty home

“Someone planted a tree in our yard overnight.”

That’s what Graham said to me on the phone this morning, from his car on the road in front of our home, as he was heading to work.

I walked to where I could see out the front window, and—sure enough—there was a new tree planted at the edge of the road in front of our home. Not technically in our yard, as it’s in the strip between the sidewalk and the road and, therefore, not our responsibility.

I’m nearly certain the tree did not appear magically. (Or did it?)

Nor did “someone” plant it overnight. (But maybe?)

But it wasn’t there yesterday morning. And it’s in a spot whose view is unimpeded through the large window in a room where we spend a lot of family time.

And I worked from home all day yesterday except for a brief excursion to run an errand. Surely I’d have heard the equipment required to dig that hole and plant that tree. Or Lucy’s barking would have alerted me to activity on her turf. Or something.

Not only that, but I had not noticed the tree before Graham called. Not when I pulled up in the car after being out for an hour yesterday. Nor before the sun set in the evening when I walked past the tree’s location to get to the communal mailbox. (That Columbian feature with which I have such a love-hate relationship!) Not this morning when I opened the blinds as the sun rose. I had not noticed the tree at all until Graham called to announce its appearance.

No doubt, there are a lot of things about which I am completely oblivious until they’re announced clearly and directly enough to register in my conscious. Things I don’t see or hear or understand—because I’m not paying adequate attention, or I’m not listening, or I’m simply not ready to accept them. And then, one day, voilà!

Maybe it is magic, after all.

I hope some magic will find its way into your conscious in the coming days, too.

With cheer,

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