I’m Worried

I’m Worried

I’m worried about the direction of our country and the world.

Many, many of us are already engaged in the political process, and relentlessly advocating about a wide range of important social justice issues, including reproductive rights, racial justice,  LGBTQ+ rights, and more. We need to continue those efforts. 

I also believe that all social justice roads lead through the voting booth. My wake-up call was the devastating effects that the 2016 elections had on virtually every social justice issue.

So even though most of us don’t have more time or energy for “just one more thing”, I hope you will consider devoting a small portion of your social justice energy to UU the Vote. As we learned in 2020, the union of our collective efforts can change the world.

Personally, my passion is the climate crisis, and saving the planet for future generations. But, as with most social justice issues, the most effective tool we can use is changing our laws. So every hour I spend on voting issues, I think of as time spent trying to save the planet.

I encourage you to consider joining a UU the Vote activity at UUCC as part of your personal strategy for social justice. Please email vote@uucolumbia.net to get involved.


    • Ken Rock

      UU the Vote is an initiative of the UUA, focused on democracy, voting rights, and electoral justice. It is nonpartisan and values-based, with a primary goal of building power and momentum for change by getting more people engaged in the democratic process, especially those from communities typically underrepresented in the electorate. I encourage you to join our UU the Vote Realm group to be included in future communications, and also to stop by our table in Sanctuary B at OBIC before and after Sunday worship services.
      I look forward to speaking with you more about UU the Vote, and opportunities for you to get involved!
      Ken Rock

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