Immigration News Update

Immigration News Update

Immigration News, 8/10/19

Quote of Week: “One of my strongest memories of my grandmother is the way she would tell my twin brother, Joaquin, and me about how she came to this country as a child after being separated from her dying mother. Even as a seventy-year-old woman, when she recounted those moments, she would cry like the seven-year-old girl she was when it happened, sobbing that she never got to say goodbye. I see her image in the children at our borders today.

“Today, the photos and videos of immigrant children crying for their parents haunt our collective conscience. Donald Trump’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy is responsible for children as young as infants being taken away from their parents, caged, and even ‘lost’ in the foster care system. In federal detention, several immigrant children whose parents have presented their families for the sanctuary of asylum have even died. We are heartbroken. We are outraged.

“It’s time for an immigration policy that puts people first.

“This moment demands that of us. And in order to meet the challenge, we must not only expand our political will, but also our moral imagination. We must remember what immigration means to our national identity, and who we want to be as a country.”

Julian Castro


CBS News, 8/8/19 – “ICE rounds up hundreds of undocumented workers in immigration sweeps in Mississippi.” By Camila Montoya-Galvez.


NBC News, 8/9/19 – “’Where is Daddy?’: children ‘suffering’ in aftermath of mass Mississippi ICE raids. One of the children of those rounded up said she hoped President Donald Trump and immigration officials would think about families devastated by the raids.”  By Daniella Silva, Gabe Gutierrez, and Annie Rose Ramos.


Washington Post, 8/9/19 – “The poultry industry recruited them. Now ICE raids are devastating their communities. How immigrants established vibrant communities in the South over a quarter-century.” By Angela Stuesse.


BuzzFeed News, 8.1.19 – “Former top Obama official criticizes Democratic candidates for ‘unfair attack’ on immigration record. ‘It is a gross misrepresentation of President Obama’s track record on immigration,’ said the former acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.” By Hamid Aleaziz., Julian Castro’s Immigration Policy. – “Castro is known as the Democratic presidential candidate with the most thought-out immigration platform. Frequently, the debates and the news media reduce his plan to a single bullet point – make illegal entry to the USA a civil, not a criminal, violation. Republicans often take this to mean ‘open borders.’ Castro’s stance on immigration is much more complex than that.”


  1. yonta Lyness

    I have been sending email to Congress. My petition is for more investment in development and business creation in Central America,. Gang and extremely violence is destroying life opportunities for people. This is for me a compassionate approach to immigration . Together with help to people in USA for those people running to safe the life.

  2. Christine Crandell


    Will UUCC be arranging carpools to travel to the National Mall on June 9? I feel like we need to be there, not only to protest the separation of children from their parents at the border, but to also support Alex Cohn’s pajama project.

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