Immigration News Update

Immigration News Update

Immigration News 12/1/2018

New York Times, 11/28/18 – Shooting tear gas across a border – is it legal? British legal experts say this Border Patrol action against migrants in Mexico violates the UN Charter.

Baltimore Sun, 11/29/18 – Baltimore City sues Trump administration over change in visa-application rules defining whether an immigrant might be a “public charge” in the USA. Under Trump’s new rules, diplomats are allowed to consider use of noncash benefits — such as free school lunches, job training resources or health clinics — by a visa applicant’s relatives already in the USA.

Washington Post, 11/29/18 – Congressional Democrats say no border wall funding for Trump. Senator Leahy: “He’s asking the taxpayers to give him money . . . for something when he gave his solemn word that taxpayers wouldn’t have to pay, the Mexicans would pay, and has threatened to shut down the government in I guess an attempt to bail out the Mexicans from his promise. It doesn’t make much sense.”

CNBC, 11/27/18 – One answer to the problem of asylum seekers lining up at the Mexican border would be to hire more immigration judges to reduce the backlog of court cases. But the Trump administration prefers to spend nearly double the amount for new judges on sending U.S. troops to the border.

Slate, 11/27/18 – More than 2,300 children remain housed at the USG’s tent city in Tornillo, Texas. The HHS inspector general reports that federal authorities have waived FBI background checks for those employed at the facility and ignored rules on the number of mental-health clinicians required.


National Immigration Forum, 11/28/18 – Fact sheet on migrants at the Mexican border.

Pew Research Center, 11/28/18 – Fact sheet on illegal immigration in USA.


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