Immigration News Update

Immigration News Update

Immigration News, 9/14/19

QUOTE OF WEEK: “One of the things that we found is if we increase immigration, legal immigration in particular, the entire population as a whole of the United States becomes younger, there are more working-age people who are contributing to economic growth, and also — given current trends in immigration — the population becomes more educated. And so we wind up with more productivity. We wind up with a larger tax base that helps tax burdens on ordinary Americans. And it also helps financing for these entitlement programs like Social Security. So increasing immigration can have a lot of positive impacts on the budget.”

Kimberly Burham, managing director of legislation and special projects for the Penn Wharton Business Model on the Knowledge@Wharton radio show.

BBC, 9/12/19 – “Trump immigration plans: Supreme Court allows asylum curbs.

CNN, 9/11/19 – “Supreme Court clears the way for new asylum restrictions to take effect.”  By Ariane de Vogue and Priscilla Alvarez.

NPR, 9/12/19 – Immigration: where 2020 candidates stand on border crossings and more.” By Danielle Kurtzleben, Lexie Schapitl, and Alyson Hurt.

Brookings Report, 9/19/19 – “How states can improve America’s immigration system.”  By John Hudak and Christine Stenglein.

Allure, 9/12/19 – “These immigration activists prove on-the-ground support is crucial amid ongoing ICE raids. Their efforts are urgent, necessary, and often dangerous.” By Elizabeth King.

Wharton Business Radio, 9/10/19 – “Could increased immigration improve the U.S. economy?”

The Intercept, 9/12/19 –   “With Trump in office, newspapers increasingly quoted anti-immigration groups without explaining who they were.”  By Maryam Saleh.


  1. yonta Lyness

    I have been sending email to Congress. My petition is for more investment in development and business creation in Central America,. Gang and extremely violence is destroying life opportunities for people. This is for me a compassionate approach to immigration . Together with help to people in USA for those people running to safe the life.

  2. Christine Crandell


    Will UUCC be arranging carpools to travel to the National Mall on June 9? I feel like we need to be there, not only to protest the separation of children from their parents at the border, but to also support Alex Cohn’s pajama project.

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