Immigration News Update

Immigration News Update

Immigration News, 4/20/19

The New Yorker, 4/17/19 – “The unlawful ambitions of DonaldTrump’s immigration policy.” Trump and his aide Stephen Miller see the “credible fear” interview asylum seekers are entitled to under U.S. law as a loop hole that needs to be close.

Washington Post, 4/17/19 – “Under Trump, immigration enforcement dominates Homeland Security mission.”  One more account of Trump’s firing ofKirstjen Nielsen as head of DHS: she spent too much time working on cybersecurity, not on closing the border.

New York Times, 4/16/19 – “In new effort to deter migrants, Barr with holds bail to asylum seekers.” U.S. law says you can ask for asylum even if you’re in the country illegally. We’ll see what the courts say about the attorney general’s latest decree.

Pro Publica, 12/27/18 – “He drew his school mascot and ICElabeled him a gang member. How high schools have embraced the Trumpadministration’s crackdown on MS-13, and destroyed immigrant students’ dreams.”This is one of a series of articles on immigration that earned Pro Publica’sHannah Dreier a Pulitzer Prize this week.

Government Executive, 4/15/19 – “Homeland SecurityWhistleblowers Who Exposed Family Separations Honored.”


“Alone: A snapshot of family separation through the eyes of a child.” This four-minute video from the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service shows what it feels like to be separated from your parents and placed in fostercare

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  1. yonta Lyness

    I have been sending email to Congress. My petition is for more investment in development and business creation in Central America,. Gang and extremely violence is destroying life opportunities for people. This is for me a compassionate approach to immigration . Together with help to people in USA for those people running to safe the life.

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