Immigration News Update

Immigration News Update

Immigration News, 6/1/2019

New York Times, 5/3019 – “Looks like the Trump Administration lied about the Census. The administration said it needed citizenship data to protect voting rights. New documents tell another story.” By the Editorial Board.

Washington Post, 5/31/19 – “Trump pushes ahead with plan to slap Mexico with tariffs even as lawmakers and businesses angrily protest. “ By Damian Paletta and Taylor Telford.

CNN, 5/29/19 – “O’Rourke announces immigration plan ending family separation, offering solution for Dreamers.” By Caroline Kelly.

 Mother Jones, 5/29/19 – “Trump gets rid of his most effective immigration enforcer. The president’s critics are happy about the ouster of Lee Francis Cissna. His anti-immigration allies are not.” By Noah Lanard.

Politico, 5/29/19 – “The Moneyball fix for immigration policy. It’s time to let data – not emotions – drive our immigration system.” By Justin Gest.


  1. yonta Lyness

    I have been sending email to Congress. My petition is for more investment in development and business creation in Central America,. Gang and extremely violence is destroying life opportunities for people. This is for me a compassionate approach to immigration . Together with help to people in USA for those people running to safe the life.

  2. Christine Crandell


    Will UUCC be arranging carpools to travel to the National Mall on June 9? I feel like we need to be there, not only to protest the separation of children from their parents at the border, but to also support Alex Cohn’s pajama project.

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