UU Legislative Ministry of Maryland
Immigration Task Force

UUCC is working to become the lead congregation in the formation of a Maryland statewide Immigration Task Force under the auspices of the UU Legislative Ministry of Maryland. The task force will engage interested UU’s to participate in awareness, advocacy and action with Maryland legislators and candidates. Individuals interested should send an email to, subject Immigration Task Force

The steering committee will be meeting in the UUCC Chapel between Sunday services on: Feb. 25, Mar. 11 and Mar. 25. Join us.

To familiarize yourself with the issue, please read the file entitled Imm Rev 9.17(1).pdf.  Also, you will find files that list immigration-related legislation pending in the MD General Assembly and the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate. In the next couple weeks, you will have the opportunity to advocate for selected bills in General Assembly (e.g., visit, call, write or email your delegate or senator).

UUCC Congressional Advocacy Corps

Additionally, within UUCC, we are seeking members who will serve as a Congressional Advocacy Corps to research U.S. Senate and House bills, prepare fact sheets and suggested advocacy messages to legislators from UUCC members. The UUCC Congressional Advocacy Corps will work with the UU’s For Social Justice in the National Capital Region’s Advocacy Corps where possible. Interested individuals should send an email to, subject Advocacy Corps or contact Jim Caldiero.

Imm Rev 9.17 (1)
MD Immigration Legislation Bills 2018
Senate Bills 2017-2018 Immigration
House Bills 2017-2018 Re Immigrants
Immigration News 4.14.18