Ingathering 2023 & Pancake Breakfast Recap

Ingathering 2023 & Pancake Breakfast Recap

A complete JOY to see so many of your lovely faces for our annual ingathering worship service on Sunday, September 10, as we kicked off the 2023-2024 congregational year.

A special note of gratitude to UUCC’s climate crisis team and others in our UUCC community for cooking up a delicious pancake breakfast for us all following service. Thank you to: Chris & Ken Crandell, Lindsay Thompson & Kevin Mercer, Trish Steinhilber, Jill Christianson, Ed Gaddy, Mary Rodgers & Phil Webster, Marti MacKenzie & Mike Hammett, Ned Tillman, Ken Rock, Cynthia Marshall, Hannah Nelson, Dina Boogaard, Suzanne & Bob Henig, Vernon Rodes, Becky Reese, and Kathy & Jim Wu. 💚


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