Interested in shaping UUCC’s future?

Interested in shaping UUCC’s future?

Are you interested in shaping UUCC’s future? Are you relatively new? Or have you been here a while? Are you looking for another way to get engaged? The Nominating Committee is still looking for Members who are interested in shaping UUCC through positions on the Board of Trustees and Nominating Committee. If you wish to apply, please reach out to and consider your answers to these questions from the committee:

  • What experience and skills would you bring to your role on the Board/Nom. Committee?
  • What is your connection to UUCC?  What brought you here?
  • What is your vision for the future of UUCC?
  • In what ways do you envision the Board strengthening its connections to the congregation?

In community,

UUCC’s Nominating Committee
(Carla Gates, Michael Bonilla, Kim Estelle, Amber Guthrie, Jen Siegal)

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  1. Becky Reese

    I’m extremely pleased to see this outreach from the nominating committee to the congregation! I hope it generates a robust candidate pool for you to consider!

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