ISO Membership “Buddies”

ISO Membership “Buddies”

ISO Membership “Buddies”:  With over 400 Members and dozens of committees, organizations and activities, it can be overwhelming to navigate UUCC, especially for newer Members.  As a result, the Membership Council is piloting a “Buddy” system, where we will pair new(er) Members with established Members.  We hope that the Buddy system will help the newer Members more quickly find people and activities that they resonate with, and help them truly feel like UUCC is “home”.
If you are a new Member (or even a not so new Member), and you’d like to be paired up with an experienced Member Buddy, please contact or

Of course, to make this work, we’ll need some experienced Members to volunteer to be the “experienced Buddies”. We will be reaching out to experienced Members, so if you’d like to volunteer for the pilot, please contact or    Thanks!


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