January 2024 Board Meeting Highlights (includes transition timeline and other resources)

January 2024 Board Meeting Highlights (includes transition timeline and other resources)

Minutes from monthly UUCC Board of Trustees meetings are posted here on the UUCC website. The following is a message from Meagan Lopes on behalf of the Board, coming out of January’s meeting.

Hello UUCC Family,

The Board has been very busy over the last couple weeks since Paige’s announcement of her departure. The January Board meeting included an executive session where we discussed the announcement and the Board’s response and path forward. Over the next several months the Board will be communicating with the congregation frequently via blogs about our progress towards an Interim Minister.

Because this is a new process for many in our congregation we want to first start by describing the transition process, which is guided by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). UUCC works closely with the UUA to find our transitional minister. The next minister is called an Interim Minister and their tenure typically lasts 2 years. This period allows UUCC to transition fully out of ministry with Paige, to strengthen its evolving congregational identity, and to conduct its search for a Settled or “Called” Minister. In speaking with the UUA this past week the board learned that the transitional minister is selected by a committee of 3-5 Board of Trustee members. Once an Interim Minister is selected then a committee comprised of congregational members is formed to select the Settled Minister. At our board retreat this past Sunday Becky Reese, Regina Verow, and Meagan Lopes were selected for the Interim Minister Search Committee.

There is a very specific timeline for this transition that starts in February (see, we’re ahead of schedule!) There is a Transitional Ministry Handbook that outlines each step of the process. The Interim Minister search primarily takes place during April and May and the interim minister starts August 1st. The process is fast-paced and rigorous.

Interim ministers typically have both settled ministry experience and interim minister experience, as well as specialized training that includes leadership and change management training. Interim Ministers are not selected for Called Ministry to the same congregation for which they have acted as an Interim. Their main function is to follow settled ministries and to refocus the congregation, leading it forward. The interim ministry provides purposeful leadership bringing stability, reflection and openness to a new future.

There is much to be done in community during this transition. This weekend after the February 4th service there will be a Being Together Gathering, a space and time to hold all of the varying emotions being felt within our congregation since learning of Paige’s departure. We will gather in the Chapel from 11:30 to 12:30PM. Everyone is welcome. We also will be celebrating Paige over the next several months, both the legacy she leaves with UUCC and wishing her well on her future adventures.

The Board pledges to be transparent during this process. You will hear announcements during services, be updated frequently through blogs and see Board members at the Board Corner after service each week. There will also be a transitions section of our UUCC website (still in the works), with updated information on where we are in the process. The Board is here to answer all questions and lead UUCC through this transition.

The following are resources if you want to learn more about this transition.

UUA Transitional Ministry Handbook:

There is also a book that is recommended for congregants going through transition: In the Interim by Barbara Child and Keith Kron. This can be found through the UUA bookstore and on Amazon.

As a third resource, we invite you to view the Transition Timeline for this spring’s Interim Search directly below:

Transition Timeline 2024

Recommended time minister announces departureretiring ministersJanuary to mid-March
minister taking new positionMarch / early April
Board reads transitional ministry handbookFebruary / early April
Board appoints Interim Minister Search CommitteeFebruary / early April
Interim Search Committee asks Transitions Office to initiate interim searchFebruary / early April
Interim Search Committee prepares interim search documents packetMarch / late April
Earliest publish date for congregational interim recordsThursday, April 4
Congregational interim record sheet (application) deadlinehighly recommended for maximum exposureThursday, April 18
Transitional Ministers Chapter Meetingopen to all UUMA colleaguesApril 21-25
Ministers’ deadline to submit interest for the first offer dateApril 26
Names of interim ministers released to congregationsApril 28
Interim Search Committee submits lists of yeses / nos / maybes to Transitions OfficeMay 13
First offer date / offers extended by Interim Search Committee to interim ministersMay 15, noon EDT
Consultations with congregations interested in preparing for second offer dateMay 15-17
Interim search continues / names of interested ministers released to congregationsMay 20
United States Memorial Day (UUA closed)May 27
Interim Search Committee submits lists of yeses / nos / maybes to Transitions OfficeJune 4
Second offer date / offers extended by search committee to interim ministersJune 6, noon EDT
Consultations with congregations unable to find an interim ministerJune 6-8

Yours in community,

Meagan Lopes
Secretary, UUCC Board of Trustees

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  1. John Guy

    Good Morning UUA Board – This report shows outstanding leadership planning and timeliness from the get-go . Grateful for your plans for working with the members of the congregation . And also real attention to the formal UUA guidance process. KUDOS to a great start ! Regards John Guy

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