Join the Immigrant Justice Committee between services

Join the Immigrant Justice Committee between services

Please join the Immigrant Justice Committee between services in room 213.  We will be talking with a DACA recipient and support them as they march to the Supreme Court for Tuesday, November 12th’s  hearing.  DACA recipients have been marching for the last few weeks from New York to Washington.  If the Supreme Court supports the administration’s decision to end DACA, hundreds of thousands of people who are Americans in every way but their status would lose the right to work and live without fear, and ultimately be vulnerable to deportation. Let’s use our voices to protect our community.

 Ways to Help:

*SIGN UP HERE TO PROVIDE MEALS to DACA Marchers in DC between Nov. 11-Nov. 16.  Please note that there are tabs at the bottom that take you to sign up sheets for each of the two locations where marchers are staying.  After you sign up, someone will contact you with further information on how/where to deliver the meals to the locations.

*GIVE HERE A FINANCIAL DONATION TOWARDS MEALS for DACA Marchers in DC, and make your donation through NAKASEC, a 501c3 organization helping to lead the march.  You MUST scroll to the bottom of the page, and enter the words “DC March” as a note in the Contribution Memo line.

*MAKE A FINANCIAL DONATION TOWARDS HOUSING ASSISTANCE for DACA Marchers in DC, by clicking here at First Trinity to support marchers staying in the First Trinity Hostel, and scrolling down to “Hostel Ministry” to enter “50 NAKASEC” in the box to the right of your entered amount.  OR, click on Steinbruck Center to support marchers staying in Luther Place/Steinbruck Center Hostel, and select “Steinbruck Center Hostel and Program Fees” from the dropdown menu.

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