Join the SSOO Team?

Join the SSOO Team?

During the worship service on the second Sunday of each month, instead of collecting funds for UUCC’s internal operations, we collect an outreach offering that is given to an organization who is aligned with our UU values and whose work we want to support.

Are you interested in being part of the small SSOO coordinating committee? To volunteer, please send an email to (Your message will be received by Phil Webster and Rev. Paige Getty.)

The SSOO team selects the recipient organizations, coordinates with those organizations to arrange for Sunday speakers, and communicates with UUCC about the impacts that are made. (Selection includes soliciting nominations from UUCC members, tracking history of recipients, proactively seeking organizations whose missions complement a particular Sunday’s worship theme, vetting organizations, and making a final selection.)

Thank you to Phil Webster, who has been single-handedly shepherding this process for the past year, and to Ann Seed, Rae Millman, and others who have shared responsibility for this effort in previous years.


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