The Joy of Giving 2023 Recap

The Joy of Giving 2023 Recap

On Sunday, December 10, UUCC’s middle school and high school youth groups collected your items to set up this year’s Secret Shop — an opportunity for students at Cradlerock Elementary to “shop” for holiday gifts for their loved ones without spending money. Thank you to all in our UUCC community who contributed; thank you for spreading the joy of giving!

We invite you to view the thank you message below which was sent to event organizers Valerie Hsu and Anne Gould from Kathleen Miller at Cradlerock Elementary School:

Valerie and Anne,

Thank you very much for making the Holiday Shop a reality for our students. It was a HUGE success and would not have happened without UUCC. Please extend our thank you to the youth who ran the collection drive and sorted the merchandise. We had the perfect amount of “inventory”, and the sorting allowed us to set the shop up and replenish items very easily!

While I do not have a count, my estimate is that we had at least 250 shoppers! Our students were provided with the opportunity to purchase a shopping ticket from the “school store” . Their currency is a “dojo dollar” that they earn for being respectful, on task, cooperative and kind. Each grade level established a dojo dollar “price” for the shop ticket. We are grateful for the positive behavior incentive the shop provided for our students. However, beyond the behavior incentive, and even more impactful, was the joy of giving experience the shop offered. It was a great day to hear students talk about who they were shopping for and why that person was special.

Below are some overheard remarks from our young shoppers:

  • “I found the owl dish and thought my mom would really like it because she got an owl tattoo before I was born and always calls me her little owl”
  • “My mom loves beautiful things, and it’s so hard to choose because everything is beautiful”
  • “My brother is coming back from the army today, so I’m going to surprise him with this candle”
  • “My dad will love this Ravens ornament”
  • When faced with indecision, a “nearby shopper” was quick to jump in and say , “I can help you choose, tell me some things they like to do.”

It was a great day at Cradlerock. In fact, we had a visit from Dr. Martirano yesterday and he came out to the shop! He was very thrilled with it all.

Thank you very much! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Kathleen Miller
Family Involvement Contact
Cradlerock Elementary School


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