The Joy of Invisible Contributions

The Joy of Invisible Contributions

Several weeks ago I had the privilege of speaking for the first time in a Sunday worship service. Because of that I was asked to take part in a prep session with the other participants and the Tech Team on the Saturday before the service. Everyone who spoke, created music, or provided videos for the service had been invited to join the Zoom call. It seemed like a good idea since I was nervous and figured it would ease my nerves, but I didn’t really know what to expect. First of all, I didn’t realize that this happens before every service.

I join the gathering on Zoom most Sundays and I’m repeatedly impressed and appreciate how great the services are but I hadn’t realized what a hidden gift the Tech Team provides. Most people see or hear the glitches but the absence of mess-ups goes without notice. Perhaps you, like me, noticed when the gong sounded weird and cut-off when Paige rang it. I thought, I’ll be so glad to return to the sanctuary so I can hear it in all its glory and subtlety. Well, at our gathering to prep for the service, the Tech Team had noticed and corrected the setting so we don’t have to wait. It was just an adjustment and the full sound was back.

I only needed to be on the call until my small part was done but I stayed on until the end because it was fascinating. Our techies are amazing as they check and adjust so that each person’s voice, musical performance, still images or videos are seamlessly woven together so each can be heard and seen at the proper time, tone, and volume. Of course everything has been timed and assigned its place in the service all of which is coordinated by Paige and the Tech Team.

And for all of you who like to stay after the service to hear the music, join an information session, or enter a coffee hour breakout room to be in fellowship with others in the congregation, the Tech Team is involved there too, frequently with several sessions going on simultaneously.

I’ve often thought about what a great job UUCC does putting together Sunday services each week but generally my focus is on the content. But now that I have seen more of what it takes to deliver that week after week, I am doubly amazed. The details attended to and the skills needed to manage it all is a profound accomplishment.

So thanks and congratulations to the Tech Team for all you do.

…and the Oscar for sound and visual technology goes to the UUCC Tech Team!

With deep appreciation,
Dianne Dunlap


  1. Stuart TenHoor

    Diane, there are many things we take for granted but you highlighted why our awesome tech team should not be taken that way. Thanks to you for writing about this and thanks to the tech team for all they do.

  2. Kathy Parker

    Hi Dianne,

    Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. I too am impressed with the technology that makes our services possible, and I know there is much I do not know about how it all happens. Your thoughts today will help me be more mindful of all the work being done behind the scenes!

    Kathy Parker

  3. Norman D Hazzard

    Thanks, Diane, for sharing your experience rehearsing with the Tech Team. Although I have often thought about the behind-the-scenes preparation that I knew must be taking place, this is the first I have heard about it in detail. So, thanks for letting all of us know! And, hats off to the team!

  4. Betty Myers

    Thank you, Dianne, for conveying the enormous contribution the tech team makes in creating our meaningful services. It was fascinating to observe the work behind the scenes, and the wide array of activities that take place to create our electronically aided spiritual space.

  5. Herb Hartnett

    Indeed, the hours of work are numbing and the expertise stunning to an amateur. And the taming of uncertainty is an art unto itself. So many pieces each week to put together behind the scenes. Praise worthy of your excellent shoutout. Thank you.

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