June 2021 Board Meeting Highlights

June 2021 Board Meeting Highlights

In an effort to keep the congregation in the loop on what develops during Board Meetings, your Board of Trustees provides updates following their monthly meeting. Please note that this account does not constitute the minutes of the meeting, which will be subject to the Board’s consideration and approval at the Board of Trustees’ next monthly meeting on July 13.

Updates & Highlights from the June Board Meeting:

The June meeting marks the end of another fiscal year for the Board with President, Tim Lattimer; Treasurer, Wendy Ramsey; and at-large member, Amy Brooks completing their terms and with a hearty welcome to new Board Members Jenny Afkinich (2nd Vice President), Kevin Mercer (Treasurer), and Reginald Nettles (Member-at-Large). Colette led the Board in expressing our heartfelt thanks to Tim for leading the congregation through an incredibly difficult year.

Tim opened and closed the meeting with quotes focusing on hope and renewal. Hope can be a source of strength and renewal, leading us through the dark into the sunshine. Within all of us lies the instinct for newness, for renewal, for a liberation of creative power; following this instinct enables us to become our better selves.

Board members have been analyzing the Trust & Reconciliation Committee (TRC) report. They commented on the depth and breadth of the recommendations and the daunting logistical requirements to find the many volunteers envisioned in the report. After some struggle to find a metaphor, we equated it to attempting to eat an elephant. We discussed the overwhelming nature of the task ahead and we considered needing to determine priorities and goals in deciding where to start. Part of this discussion will include reflecting on who we are and want to be as a congregation. We also acknowledged that the troubles manifested over a period of years and will likely take a similar passing of time to address.

Some of the TRC recommendations are directed to the entire congregation and a few are more focused to the Board. The new Board will continue to digest the report in the next months, both at its upcoming annual retreat and in the next monthly Board meetings. As part of the planning for the coming year, we also expect to discuss options for the work of the Beloved Community Committee, whose term officially expires at the end of June.

In debriefing the Annual Meeting, Board members agreed that the meeting went incredibly well, with special thanks to Sean and the administrative team for the technological improvements in registration and voting. Even with the improvements, the virtual voting process was still cumbersome. We are looking forward to an in-person meeting next year, although many of the documented processes and improvements will be useful regardless of meeting format.

Finally, we discussed the upcoming UUA General Assembly (June 23-27). There is still time to register! Stacey Abrams and Desmond Meade will be delivering the Ware Lecture. Sean indicated that five UUCC members, in addition to Rev. Paige and Robin Slaw have already registered.


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