“LET’S TALK”: The International Day of Drumming and Healing in Howard County

“LET’S TALK”: The International Day of Drumming and Healing in Howard County

You are cordially invited to attend  The event will take place on Wednesday, June 19 from 4-7pm at the Howard County Library’s Miller Branch, 9421 Frederick Road, Ellicott City.

“LET’S TALK” will follow the outline developed by the national 400 Years of African-American History Commission while reflecting the experiences of our Howard County community. The Program will include drumming, speakers, dancers, educational displays and stories about enslaved people of African descent who lived in Howard County. The FREE event will begin promptly at 4pm with a Drum Call.


The 400 Years of African American History Commission (“400 Commission”), a fifteen-member body of African Americans appointed by the United States Department of Interior pursuant to Public Law 115-102 (January 8, 2018), has begun fulfilling its mission to “develop and facilitate activities throughout the United States to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of Africans in the English colonies at Point Comfort, Virginia, in 1619, recognizing and highlighting the resilience and contributions of African Americans from that seminal moment forward, while simultaneously acknowledging the painful impact of slavery, racial discrimination, and racism on our Nation”.        

The inaugural, signature event of the 400 Commission, “LET’S TALK”: The International Day of Drumming and Healing, will engage the nation and the world. This twenty-four-hour nationwide “Day of Commemoration and Healing” will focus on healing and re-education among African Americans and beyond. It will mourn the trauma endured by African Americans over those four centuries occasioned by: The Transatlantic slave trade; forced family dissolution; centuries of degradation based on race (e.g., slavery, peonage, lynching, Jim Crow, and structural racism); myriad socioeconomic disparities; and, now, mass incarceration.

Trauma contributes to disease of the body, mind, and spirit. Informed by community stakeholders, cultural historians, and trauma specialists, the 400 Commission has identified the steps necessary to onward and upward movement for African Americans: Remembering, Recognizing, Re-educating, Reconciling, Redeeming, Restoring, and Rejoicing.

Drums, banned in 1740 in parts of America, will rule the day on June 19, 2019, as they once did during sacred, healing, and celebratory occasions in Africa. Drums represent connectivity, not just among African Americans, but among all peoples of the world. In this historic year, and on this sacred day of commemoration, June 19, 2019, let’s talk, let’s drum, and let’s heal!   [Source: 400 Years of African American History Commission]   


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