Little Big Things

Little Big Things

The boot on the injured foot. The changed hairstyle. The decision to retire in 6 months. The status of the nibling who was receiving special medical treatment and is now thriving. The new job, new car, new romantic partner. The upcoming move to single-level living, or to another state, or to a communal space.

The delight about a piece of music that was performed during worship. The self-reflection that was prompted by a reading or a sermon or a fellow worshiper’s prayer request. The new restaurant, recently visited, that you think I might also like to try. An alternative or expanded perspective on a story or opinion I offered during service.

And sometimes expressions of worry or fear or hope—things we decide to continue exploring together later, in a more private, less distraction-ridden, place … and at a more leisurely pace.

During this past year and a half of physical separation, I have missed these moments with you—brief exchanges as you are entering or exiting the sanctuary on Sunday morning; 30 seconds of sharing, sometimes about relatively mundane things; personal musings and observations.

There are so many important moments in our day-to-day lives—little big things that truly matter to us, and that we might share in casual conversation, that connect us human-to-human … but that don’t seem to warrant a phone call or letter or email.

These past two Sundays it’s been a delight to share little big things with the few of you who have attended services in Sanctuary C. I look forward to more of those pass-by moments in the coming weeks. But it will be a long time before I see many of you weekly.

So, let’s catch up in a different way. Will you drop a postcard in the mail and share a little big thing with me?

What’s a thing you’d like me to know about your life? What would you share if we had a moment together at the sanctuary doors this Sunday? I do want to know, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Rev. Paige Getty
UU Congregation of Columbia
7246 Cradlerock Way
Columbia, MD 21045-5054

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  1. Kathy Parker

    Thank you, Paige. It is lovely that you are open to sharings like this. Last Sunday I told you that you were in a dream I had. A fun moment of connection that I also appreciated. I look forward to being in church in person again!

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