Little Pantry Support Need Continues

Little Pantry Support Need Continues

The dedicated UUCC Little Pantry volunteers continue to make daily visits to keep the Little Pantry filled for the many visitors who depend on it to feed themselves and their families. Some days two visits are made to meet the need. Recently, one of our volunteers, Gail Holm, reported this encounter with one of our neighbors:

“As I pulled up to OBIC, a man was about to leave.  He said he was looking for food, but the pantry was empty.  I gave him a large part of my supply and he helped me put the rest in the boxes.  J said there were five people in his family, including three school-age children.  J had been furloughed from his job as a supervisor in the hospitality industry.  His wife cleans houses, but was down to only two clients because of the pandemic.  J’s stimulus check has not arrived.  He gets unemployment, but that isn’t enough to support his family.  He’s been looking for a job without success.  He said the available jobs have required experience that he didn’t have. His rent is due and he has no way to pay it this month. He was very grateful for the pantry food.  I gave him one of the information sheets.”

Gail then picked up some more things at Giant and put them in the boxes. She also bought potatoes, carrots, and apples to put in the Produce Pantry.

All of our volunteers have similar encounters. It costs >$350 a week to keep the Little Pantry available for our Owen Brown Interfaith Center (OBIC) neighbors, some who are seniors living on social security, some who are homeless, and others are families. We need your continued support.

Financial donations can be mailed to UUCC or via our Realm database or items can be donated directly to the pantry. Donations of fresh produce from your gardens are also welcome in the Produce Pantry.

THANK YOU to everyone who has donated for the past six months, but we can’t stop now.


Please contact UUCC’s Food Insecurity Team:

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  1. Gail Thompson

    I added a bag of apples to the vegetable bin today and found a box of fresh or not so fresh pastries in it that was full of ants. Please do not put sugary stuff in the bins.

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