Local UU Congregations Unite to Fight Climate Change!

Local UU Congregations Unite to Fight Climate Change!

The Capital Area UU Climate Convocation on May 6 was a huge success, drawing about 100 participants from over a dozen UU congregations!

We are poised as a coordinated body to tackle: 1) lobbying and advocating for our local governments to meet their stated emissions reduction goals, 2) establishing an environmental justice ally relationship with an organization representing at-risk communities (likely CASA), and 3) expanding a default plant-based food policy in our congregations.

As local UU congregations working together, we hope to make a real difference within our congregations, as well as our local communities and states.

For more information, contact UUCC members Phil Webster at phil.webster@me.com or Chris Crandell at chriscrandell1@gmail.com.


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