Our Location
  • 7246 Cradlerock Way
    Columbia, MD 21045

Our Location

UUCC meets at the Owen Brown Interfaith Center in the Owen Brown Village Center of Columbia, Maryland. You’ll often hear us lovingly refer to the building as “OBIC.” 

The Interfaith Center is located at 7246 Cradlerock Way, Columbia, MD 21045. Your GPS will likely have you turn off of Cradlerock Way between a McDonald’s and a gas station. After you turn, keep going past the gas station, and you’ll see a two-story building with red brick, grey concrete siding, and tall stained-glass windows.  

There are two different entrances. One downstairs, underneath the tall stained-glass window. And one to the left of that, up the hill, by a playground and rock garden. There is plenty of parking near both entrances, though there are many more spots near the lower entrance.  

The accessible parking is in the upper parking lot.  


There are two sets of doors to enter the building: feel free to enter whichever doors are most convenient to you. Our friendly volunteer greeters will be waiting to say hello to you there.



Interested in joining us for worship?
Here’s your step-by-step guide for how to find us! 

  1. Park in one of the visitor parking spots reserved for you near the upper doors next to the playground. 
  2. Walk past the rock garden and into the upper doors.  
  3. Keep going down the long hallway. There will be restrooms to your right, and you’ll pass Sanctuary A on your left.  
  4. Our greeters will be excited to meet you. If this is your first time here, please stop by the welcome table just outside of Sanctuary B to fill out a visitors form so we can stay in touch! 
  5. Then stop by the nametag table further down the hall to make a nametag! There are stickers, markers, pens, and other fun items for you to make your nametag your own.
  6. Staff members, including our minister, Rev. Paige Getty, along members of our hospitality team will greet people outside Sanctuary C during this time.
  7. We worship in Sanctuary C beginning at 10am on Sundays. Please sit wherever you like, and feel free to move the chairs around so you can be comfortable. Our ushers are available to help.
  8. Inside Sanctuary C, you’ll see a table to your right with a notebook and a basket. Some people choose to share the joys and sorrows in their life with the UUCC community by writing them in this notebook. We take time to read them aloud during worship on Sunday mornings. The basket is for collecting any financial contributions you choose to give, as you are able.
  9. If you need a hearing assist device, please tell one of our ushers or stop by the tech booth. The tech booth is to your left when you enter Sanctuary C. Our amazing tech team will help you get set up.  
  10. Worship begins at 10am. Prelude music begins before the service around 9:45am, and there will be a slideshow with a centering thought and other announcements. The service typically ends by 11:15am and is followed by postlude music. View upcoming Sunday service info.
  11. When service ends, stop by the UUCC Store and browse new and used books, puzzles, bumper stickers, and more! The Store is located in Sanctuary B, right next door to the room where worship happens. Feel free to chat with others in Sanctuary B. We call this time after the service social hour.