Love from Our Neighbors

Love from Our Neighbors

Dear UUCC,

Following the Easter Sunday attacks on Christian congregations in Sri Lanka, I received notes of support and condolence from two of our Muslim neighbors.

A leader from the Muslim Family Center (which gathers at the Owen Brown Interfaith Center) wrote,

On behalf of the Muslim Family Center, I want to extend our deepest sympathy and condolences for the senseless act of violence on your sacred day. We are shocked and saddened by this horrible attack and want you to know that our community stands behind yours, ready and willing to show our support in any way we can. Please let us know if there are community vigils or relief efforts planned as we wish to assist you all. Praying that our houses of worship remain the peaceful and restorative sanctuaries that they were meant to be.

And from Dar Al-Taqwa Islamic Center,

I am distressed by the news from Sri Lanka, of yet another holy day and holy space torn asunder by the forces of evil and darkness. My heart breaks for our Christian brothers and sisters whose faith has made them a target of this baseless hate. 

Our prayers are in support and love, in comfort and solidarity with all who stand against hate and intolerance. On behalf of myself, my Muslim community we will stand with you in any way that will be helpful, today tomorrow and into the future. 

With faith and hope in a world that can and must reflect the love that God intends us to feel for all of God’s creation.

I am touched by the love and support extended by these communities who know UUCC to be their friend in times of distress and in celebration. They remind me why we invest ourselves in the work of relationship-building across real and imagined differences. That work is sometimes exhausting, sometimes uncomfortable, and almost always meaningful.

Bless you all for the ways you are building connections within and beyond our UUCC walls.

In community,


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