Making a Difference

Making a Difference

I’m more compassionate about others’ pain.

I have learned to be a leader.

I’m a vegetarian because of UUCC.

My life is richer, and I’m no longer a single mother alone.

I’m more comfortable with death and dying.

I see strong women.

I attend worship every Sunday because I want to, not because I have to.

I am answering my vocational call.

I can better see shades of gray.

I am more connected.

My best friends are here.

At a recent Leadership Council meeting, participants were asked to share one example of a concrete difference that UUCC has made in their lives. We heard all the things listed above, and my heart sang.

What great examples of the very particular ways that our collective ministry impacts individual lives. So often, we in leadership – on staff, or in Board of Trustees meetings, or in the classroom, or on the chancel – are so focused on the task at hand that we forget to step back and appreciate the mostly-positive and meaningful impact of the work we’re doing. It’s gratifying to hear individuals’ stories of the ways that the congregation has made a real difference for them.

What difference has UUCC made in your life?

In faith,


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