Member Support & Care

Member Support & Care


At UUCC, pastoral care is provided by ordained clergy and by volunteer laity. Members of the congregation may call on one of the ministers for pastoral counseling in times of crisis, discernment, grief, or whenever the perspective of a professional minister would be helpful. Karuna Caregivers are a lay team of trained pastoral caregivers who are available as listeners in times of transition, sorrow, illness, grief, celebration, or joy.


Caring Committee

The Caring Committee provides short-term practical support to UUCC members and friends in various ways. Some Caring Committee volunteers provide rides for medical appointments and organize meals to congregants when needed. Others help with the receptions following memorial services, setting up, cleaning up, and/or providing food for the guests. Volunteers are rarely requested more than once a month.



We provide a friendly welcome smile to everyone who comes on Sunday mornings, and we help orient Visitors and newer Members where and when to go for services and/or RE classes. For more information about volunteering on Sundays, visit this page:

Contact: Hannah Nelson,



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