Memorial Name Plates Helper Needed

Memorial Name Plates Helper Needed

For the past 15 or so years, UUCC member Pat Heidel has been taking names and donations for name plates to be attached to the Memorial Plaque outside on the wall facing the patio. She and Arthur will be moving to the Philadelphia area to be closer to her daughter, and so we are looking for a congregant to step into this role which requires very few meetings and can be done on your own schedule!

If you would be interested in the annual job of speaking to the congregation about the nameplates, gathering the information needed, and working with a member of the CUMC congregation (who shares space with us in OBIC) to order them, please contact me. I will help you get oriented.

Ann Wing
410 992 1284


  1. Richard Wachterman

    Thanks Pat for your years of service to UUCC. We will miss you and Arthur very much.


  2. Becky Reese

    Ditto what Rich said! Thank you so much to Pat and Arthur for all the many ways both of you contributed generously to the congregation. Pat’s service with the endowment, on committees over the years, and the memorial plaques. Arthur’s service over many years as a Karuna caregiver. The many ways each brought a warm, friendly presence in our congregation. I wish you all the best in your new abode!

  3. Carol Zika

    Pat and Arthur, best wishes for the next leg of your journey together. You will be greatly missed at UUCC.

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