Momentously Ordinary

Momentously Ordinary

It’s just a date on the calendar. A Thursday. Not inherently different than any other date or any other Thursday.

And yet, today—Thursday, June 30—feels special. Momentous, even.

For many organizations, this date marks a moment of transition. As I write, we are anticipating the swearing in of The Honorable Ketanji Brown as the 104th Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court and the retirement of Associate Justice Stephen G. Breyer. [Update: I watched the brief ceremony. It was dry and boring. And still, I cried.] Clergy colleagues and local non-profit leaders here in Howard County are bidding farewell on their last day working in congregations and organizations they’ve served for many years. In UUCC we’re wrapping up one fiscal year and anticipating tomorrow’s start of a new one.

And there’s the fact that July 1st feels like the beginning of “real” summer, somehow. So much of our congregational lives—and the lives of those who work in, or study in, or have family members in educational settings—follow the rhythm of an academic year. So summer is a time for more abundant play and rest and other leisure activity. And this day feels like the eve of a holiday.

I’m eagerly anticipating summertime rest, with fewer agendas and obligations, more spontaneity, more whimsy and play.

This morning on our walk, Lucy and I passed a magnolia tree with some exquisite blooms on it. They smell even better than this one looks—

—and I was reminded that even “just” more leisurely walks like this one are a welcome respite at this time. I don’t need a fancy vacation or big plans.

For now, I’m content to know that the next month or so is full of non-obligatory possibilities. And I’m looking forward with a sense of hope to what’s ahead in the new program year at UUCC, too. Together we’ll cultivate some new and renewed ways of “being church” together.

I’ll see some of you for our special Summertime Sundays worship gathering at OBIC this Sunday, and I’ll be working through next week. Then, as is our custom, UUCC and I will spend an extended time apart this summer—my break will begin on Sunday, July 10, and will continue until Saturday, August 20. I look forward to seeing you again in person or online after that date, when we’ll begin our 20th year together.

I love you, UUCC. Be well.



  1. Natalie A Roberts

    Bless you, Paige.
    Sent from a cabin in the Western Washington Cascades beyond ordinary internet coverage.
    Love, Natalie Roberts

  2. Suzanne Henig

    Best wishes for a restful, rejuvenating, inspiring, and fun break, Paige. You SO deserve it! Much love to you!

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