Volunteer on Sundays

Volunteer on Sundays

All of us need all of us to make our Sundays welcoming. Join us in co-creating a loving and welcoming environment for our newcomers and new families, as well as our regular attendees and guest speakers and musicians when they’re joining us.

Sunday volunteer instructions

You can read a summary about each job if you scroll down more.

You can sign up for any of the jobs here or by contacting Hannah Nelson at Hannah@uucolumbia.net.

Sunday volunteer opportunities

Volunteering on Sundays is a great opportunity to give back to the community in a way that does not require meetings or a set schedule. You can sign up for whatever job best suits you, whether it’s extroverted like greeting people at the door or ushering in the sanctuary; or a behind-the-scenes job like setting up the sanctuary or coffee hour. You’re already here on Sundays… sometimes it’s nice to have a task to connect you in a way you may not have before!

Sunday jobs

  • Flowers: You can volunteer to bring a bouquet of flowers to decorate the pulpit Sunday mornings.
  • Sanctuary Set-Up/Take-down: You put up things like the Chalice, the bell, the Joys and Sorrows Bowls, etc. And then put them away after service.
  • Greeters: You welcome people into the building, keeping an eye out for anyone new or returning who may need some extra help.
  • Usher: You welcome people into the Sanctuary, assisting anyone who may need it.
  • Coffee Hour: You make the coffee and set up the mugs and other drinks. You help with clean up after service.
  • And more! Contact Hannah Nelson if you would like to learn more at Hannah@uucolumbia.net.