MS Dinner & Drive-time Tips

MS Dinner & Drive-time Tips

This Sunday we started Christianity. Our trip to the Baltimore Basilica is scheduled for Sunday, October 20, 10:45 Mass, Walk-up tour at 12 noon. The location of the Baltimore Basilica: 409 Cathedral Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

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  • A core progressive Christian belief is God loves and accepts all of humanity. This is an opportunity for you to talk with your youth about the Universalist side of our faith. Our Universalist forbearers talked about God as a parent who loved all of humanity so much that God would not damn anyone to Hell. This affirming view led to the belief that all people and all religions were of worth. Our UU idea of “inherent worth” came from this. It was something we brought with us from our Christian origins. So you can help your youth understand that UUism didn’t reject Christianity as much as it grew out of its most generous and abundant form. Christianity is our close cousin who gave us a great gift.


  • In our session, we learned that many Christians understand sin as “missing the mark.” Rather than seeing sin as an inherently corrupt part of every human, this view sees it as moments when humans “aim” for goodness but “miss the target.” Ask your youth to tell you about the “miss the mark” game we played to engage this idea.

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