Mystery Buddy Program

Mystery Buddy Program

(Frequently Asked Questions)!

Q: What is Mystery Buddy?

A: Mystery Buddy is a popular Unitarian Universalist program that encourages communication between the generations!  Many times it has been the foundation of wonderful friendships.  It is a great way for children and adults of our community to learn more about one another in a wonderfully fun way!

Q: How does Mystery Buddy work?

A: Adults (18-98) and children & youth (K-12) sign up for Mystery Buddy.  Each child or youth is paired with an adult and they exchange information about themselves by writing notes to one another.  Each note contains clues about their likes and dislikes, personal gifts and talents or hobbies, or “list of favorites.”

For four weeks, the Mystery Buddies will exchange notes or thoughtful tokens of friendship.  On the final Sunday (March 18th) we will have a Mystery Buddy Lunch after the second service.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Sign up at the Mystery Buddy Table in coffee hour, or complete the form below.  Sign-ups begin on Sunday, February 4th and can be done in person, by phone, or by email. Each participant will receive specific information about the exchange dates, the Mystery Buddy Lunch, and helpful hints for giving clues to your Mystery Buddy.

Would you like to be a Child or Youth Mystery Buddy?

Sign up for our Mystery Buddy program, and spend a month passing notes with one special adult at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia.
It’s a fun way to get to know someone new!

Mystery Buddy will run on these Sundays:
February 25, March 4, March 11, March 18 Lunch

You will meet your Buddy at the Mystery Buddy lunch on March 18th.

Child/Youth Registration

Would you like to be an Adult Mystery Buddy?

Here’s what you’ll do:

  • During the last week of February, you will receive a child buddy. The child’s parent or guardian will know who you are, but the child will not. Your child will be between Kindergarten and grade 12, and you will know the age, gender, and interests of the child.
  • Please write to the child at least once a week via envelopes that will be waiting in the table in coffee hour. If you can’t be at UUCC on any Sunday during the program, you can USPS mail it, email it to me, or enlist a friend to hand-deliver the letter to UUCC on Sunday morning.
  • Please do not include gifts; we don’t want to experience competition between siblings who receive different valued gifts which creates ill-will and bad feelings, so we will be distributing a small token each week provided by the DRE.
  • Please commit to attending the closing Mystery Buddy lunch on Sunday, March 18th. Your buddy will be disappointed not to meet you in person!
  • It’s fun to give hints, so your buddy can try to discover who you are!
  • Your child buddy will be able to write back by putting their responses in their envelope after Sunday School classes end. Remember to check your envelope each week! You can use this envelope to leave messages for your buddy, too.
  • Mystery Buddy will run on these Sundays:
    February 25, March 4, March 11, March 18 Lunch

Adult Registration

2018 Weekly Questions

February 25 – Favorite Foods – share a recipe, describe the first time you tried that food, how old you were, why you love it.

March 4 – Favorite Music – share the music that you love best, describe the first time you heard that music, explain why it’s your favorite, provide a list of musical pieces that you would like your buddy to listen to.

March 11 – Childhood Stories – share a story from your childhood. It would be especially meaningful if it was a story about how you became a better person or lived into a UU value (even if you didn’t grow up UU). It might be an adventure, it might be a time you helped someone, it might be funny or happy or silly or powerful. Your story should have a good ending, not sad, please.

 March 18 (Lunch) – Games – share your favorite game with your buddy, describe what the game is, explain why you love it, how old you were the first time you tried it. If it’s a less well-known game, explain the game through pictures or drawings. If possible, perhaps you would like to bring the game to the pizza party and play with your buddy.