Mystery Buddy Signups start this Sunday, February 3rd

Mystery Buddy Signups start this Sunday, February 3rd

MYSTERY BUDDY FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)!

Q: What is Mystery Buddy?

A: Mystery Buddy is a popular Unitarian Universalist program that encourages communication between the generations!  Many times it has been the foundation of wonderful friendships.  It is a great way for children and adults of our community to learn more about one another in a wonderfully fun way!

Q: How does Mystery Buddy work?

A: Adults (18-98) and children & youth (K-12) sign up for Mystery Buddy.  Each child or youth is paired with an adult and they exchange information about themselves by writing notes to one another.  Each note contains clues about their likes and dislikes, personal gifts and talents or hobbies, or “list of favorites.”

For four weeks in March, the Mystery Buddies will exchange notes or thoughtful tokens of friendship.  On the final Sunday we will have a Mystery Buddy Lunch after the second service.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Sign up at the Mystery Buddy Table in coffee hour.  Sign-ups begin on the first Sunday in February and can be done in person, by phone, or by email. Each participant will receive specific information about the exchange dates, the Mystery Buddy Lunch, and helpful hints for giving clues to your Mystery Buddy.



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