New Adult RE Class: UUism—Its History & Meaning Over Time

New Adult RE Class: UUism—Its History & Meaning Over Time

This winter, join UUCC Member Kathy Parker for a series exploring the premise that knowing our history enriches our understanding of who we are as UUs. Unitarian Universalism did not just appear out of nowhere! So, when and where did this “living tradition” begin? And why did such a break from traditional Trinitarian doctrine mean so much to so many people?

We will use the book: Universalists and Unitarians in America: A People’s History, by John Buehrens, as a framework for reading and discussing the stories told in the chapters, meeting on the fourth Wednesday of each month, beginning January 26, 2022. The course will be held on Zoom. Books are being acquired by, and can be purchased from, the UUCC bookstore when registering.


  • Jan 26, 2022: American Independence and the Emergence of Liberal Religion, 1770-1815
  • Feb 23, 2022: The Age of Jacksonian Democracy, 1815-1848, The Second American Revolution, 1848-1870
  • March 23, 2022: The Last “Gilded Age” of Inequality, 1870-1905, The Progressive Era, 1905-1935
  • April 27: Liberal Religion and Humanism, 1935-1960
  • May 25:  The Unitarian Universalist Association, 1961-2011

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