Charge for Committee to Recommend Amendments to UUCC’s Bylaws and Review UUCC’s Governance Structure to Recommend Improvements

Charge for Committee to Recommend Amendments to UUCC’s Bylaws and Review UUCC’s Governance Structure to Recommend Improvements

There are numerous sections of UUCC’s current Bylaws that are outdated, some by quite a number of years. Separate from these issues, the Bylaws content and overall Governance structure of UUCC should be periodically monitored and evaluated. Such an in-depth evaluation has not been conducted at UUCC since 2011, so, especially in light of our new Values Statement, Mission, and Ends, this kind of review and evaluation should be performed at this time.

A Board committee will be formed to perform this work, comprised of 5-9 individuals representing congregational diversity, appointed by the Board. Anyone interested in volunteering to join the committee should contact the Board as soon as possible at

Official Charge:

Purpose: This Committee will exist for two purposes:

  • To recommend corrections and updates to UUCC’s Bylaws
  • To perform a thorough review of UUCC’s current Governance structure and practices to determine where adjustments can be made to clarify authorities, responsibilities, and procedures; improve systems; and promote collaboration among and engagement by members of UUCC’s community of communities.

Deadlines: The Committee will begin its work as soon as possible. Their first task will be to thoroughly review UUCC’s Bylaws, and recommend updates and corrections to the Board. This is to be completed no later than February 1, 2024, so the Board can review and assess it, and have sufficient time to make edits in time to present to the congregation for a vote at the Annual Meeting on June 2, 2024. The other work of this committee, which is much more involved, will not have a deadline at this time, as a length of time for it to be completed will require more information to determine.


  • Perform a thorough review of UUCC’s current Bylaws and make recommendations for edits: The team will identify all inaccuracies and outdated statements in UUCC’s Bylaws, and recommend appropriate updates and corrections.
  • Review UUCC Governance and make recommendations for improvement: The team will analyze UUCC’s current governance structure and practices. Using Policy Governance guidelines as their foundation of understanding, they will review UUCC’s defining documents, and gather information from as large and diverse as possible a group of UUCC members and friends, about what is working well and what could be improved, identifying strengths, shortcomings, and gaps in our current procedures. With this documented information, they will then make recommendations for changes that the Board, staff, and/or any other interest group at UUCC can implement to improve our policies and practices, and grow involvement and engagement among the congregation. These recommendations will also be informed by researching best practices from other religious congregations (not necessarily limited to UU congregations), UUA guidelines for governance implementation, and any other relevant authorities. Any work that the committee does on this charge will be completed with sensitivity, respect, and the highest desire to implement changes that will help UUCC achieve its ends and bring us closer to Beloved Community.
  • Communications: The committee is requested to advise the Board periodically regarding their activities, progress, and/or recommendations/questions warranting further Board guidance. The Board is fully dedicated to this effort, and will collaborate and assist in any way that is appropriate.


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