Next Act of The One World Coffeehouse

Next Act of The One World Coffeehouse

Since 1999, UUCC has hosted THE ONE WORLD COFFEEHOUSE, a state-of-the-art performance series featuring top-notch musicians from a variety of genres and cultural backgrounds.  For 22 years, the Coffeehouse has not only served as an outreach to the local community, but has also raised money for the Minister’s Discretionary Fund.  

The Coffeehouse has always been a completely volunteer effort. After a 1½ year hiatus due to the pandemic, we hosted a successful reopening concert on October 8th, but find ourselves now at an impasse. Several key members of the team are leaving this year to start new lives out-of-state. It is difficult to plan future concerts if the Coffeehouse does not secure new volunteers to fill the gap.  

Please consider joining the One World Coffeehouse team in whatever capacity you are able! Next meeting is set for November 7th at 12:30pm. Please reach out to with your interest. We can always use help with the selection of music acts, coordination with musicians, promotion of the series, and with set up the night of the concert. The time demands of volunteering are rarely more than a few hours a month and the rewards are many!


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