Noticing the Little Things

Noticing the Little Things

There’s a lot to hold. Young leaders prepare to gather in our nation’s capital to protest gun violence and promote common sense gun laws. UUCC members face threatening health conditions. Another young unarmed Black man has been killed by law enforcement officers. I schedule the fourth memorial service in as many months. A young White man has been targeting Black families’ homes with package bombs. A family member anticipates invasive surgery. A Holocaust denier and former member of the Nazi party wins a primary election in another state.

It is a lot to hold. And I am compelled – by my faith, by my vocation, by my very humanity – not to turn away from these events, these stories, these injustices, this heartache. What touches one affects us all, as many wise persons have said.

In these moments I am compelled, too, to notice that which brings life – reminders that are evident so often in the littlest of things…

The brilliant red cardinals frolicking on the sunny, snow-covered lawn outside my office window.

A heartwarming film on a chilly afternoon. (This week: Love, Simon)

An encouraging, handwritten note from a teacher to my child.

A young adult fantasy novel that speaks truth about bravery and fear and hatred borne of misunderstanding. (This week: Children of Blood and Bone, by Tomi Adeyemi)

A newcomer to UUCC saying that this congregation is helping to restore their faith in humanity.

The wrappers of the Dove chocolates on my desk, printed with phrases that amuse me and move me … and sometimes take my breath away:

Keep them guessing.
Save the best for first.
Solve arguments with a dance-off.
Walk to the beat of your own tuba.
Quote your dad.

And multiple tender conversations with you, beloved members of this congregation that means the world to me. Thank you for sharing your delight and your grief, and for letting me share mine.

I hope you, too, are noticing life’s little, life-affirming blessings.

Yours in love,


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