Noticing Things

Noticing Things

I’ve realized that in these unique circumstances I’m noticing things—in many cases, different things than usual. (And I’m sure there are things that usually grab my attention that are escaping my notice entirely right now, too!)

I’m noticing a lot of people riding through our neighborhood on bicycles (hooray!) and a few of them without protective helmets (boo!).

I’m noticing daily, incremental, marked growth on the plants and trees around our home.

I’m noticing that my brain seems slower to process everything, and seemingly routine tasks require more effort.

I’m noticing that while many of us feel more isolated than usual, there are others who are more connected now than ever. (Thank you, technology.)

I’m noticing new and different ways that I live with privilege—the privilege to work from home and still earn income; the privilege of parenting children who don’t need my attention every waking moment; the privilege of living in a home that gives me access to fresh air and sunshine and walking paths, allowing for physical movement with adequate distance from other humans.

I’m noticing how much touchier I am … reactive about things, where I’m typically more disciplined in managing my emotional response. I expect myself to be mature and thoughtful, especially about important and emotional issues; maturity and thoughtfulness require greater effort right now.

Relatedly, I’m noticing that many of us seem more extreme in our reactions. Some of us are more kind and patient and generous than usual; others are more critical and judgmental and self-centered. There seems to be less-than-usual evidence of the grounded center, including in myself.

Yesterday I noticed our dog’s squeaky pig toy. It makes an obnoxious sound that grates terribly on my nerves when she bites it or when one of the other Getty humans steps on it. But also, I was delighted to stomp on it myself to surprise the rest of the family. They were startled and amused, so I kept stomping. And I laughed.

I noticed that I don’t mind my own noise as much as I mind others’.

I’ve been thinking about that one a lot. It’s not only about a squeaky pig toy, and I need to remember that.

I wonder what you are noticing in these odd times. And I hope you will tend to your own musings in meaningful ways.

Yours in community,


  1. Diana

    Thank you for this, Paige. You have most eloquently expressed exactly how I have been feeling (right down to the squeaky toy that can be both obnoxious and delightful ).

  2. Bob Muller

    Yeah, Paige, I’ve noticed many of the same feelings. To have the whole world in the same predicament and no experience to fall back on is very unsettling and we humans react in different ways.

  3. Norman D Hazzard

    I find myself thinking back to the start of World War II, when I was in the second grade. All of us kids were excited and somewhat upset because we didn’t know what to expect. Men we knew were going off to war, including two of my uncles. We were getting used to rationing of many daily items, and we began buying U.S. savings bonds at school, one 10-cent stamp at a time. We picked milkweed floss to be used for life-vests for sailors, and we planted Victory gardens. There were air-raid drills after dark, during which we turned off all the lights or blacked out the windows. It was a new and scary time, but everybody was in the same boat and people worked together toward a common goal. I hope that is what we are doing now.

  4. Jason

    I have noticed that I grow closer to my “better half” now that he is home alot more. Yes he is working. from home but it’s nice knowing that the lunch shift includes me and he is home on times for dinner. Plus movie night is nicer at home.

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