OBIC Board Highlights — March 2024

OBIC Board Highlights — March 2024

Did you know that UUCC owns ~90% of the entity that is the Owen Brown Interfaith Center? We share ownership with Christ United Methodist Church (CUMC). You can learn more about this arrangement here.  

The success of OBIC is integral to the success of UUCC: not only are we financially responsible for the operations of OBIC, but OBIC is a tangible way we live our pluralistic values here in Howard County. 

OBIC is its own 501(c)3 nonprofit separate from the two owning congregations with its own management, staff, and board of directors. UUCC is represented on the board by 5 UUCC congregants. This year’s representatives are Linda Adcox-Kimmel, Ed Gaddy, Gregory Seidman, Lindsay Thompson, and Richard Yocum. 

To help UUCC congregants understand and learn how to support OBIC (and UUCC as a result), our UUCC OBIC directors will share highlights and updates from the OBIC board here in this Good Governance blog.

The OBIC Board met over Zoom on March 12 for regular business. Funding and contractual authority were allocated for repair and replacement of some HVAC units that were malfunctioning. The Board resolved to engage an appropriate professional to perform an independent review of 2022 and 2023 finances. The concerningly low Reserve for Replacement (RFR) fund was again discussed. The Board closed by choosing April 16 for the next meeting.


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