OBIC Board Highlights — November 2023

OBIC Board Highlights — November 2023

Did you know that UUCC owns ~90% of the entity that is the Owen Brown Interfaith Center? We share ownership with Christ United Methodist Church (CUMC). You can learn more about this arrangement here.  

The success of OBIC is integral to the success of UUCC: not only are we financially responsible for the operations of OBIC, but OBIC is a tangible way we live our pluralistic values here in Howard County. 

OBIC is its own 501(c)3 nonprofit separate from the two owning congregations with its own management, staff, and board of directors. UUCC is represented on the board by 5 UUCC congregants. This year’s representatives are Phyllis Cook, Ed Gaddy, Gregory Seidman, Lindsay Thompson, and Richard Yocum. 

To help UUCC congregants understand and learn how to support OBIC (and UUCC as a result), our UUCC OBIC directors will share highlights and updates from the OBIC board here in this Good Governance blog.

At the OBIC board’s most recent meeting on Wednesday, November 15, we approved the OBIC budget for FY2024 (OBIC’s fiscal year runs January-December). It is the policy of the board to issue a cost-of-living adjustment for the building manager that is equivalent to the Social Security Administration’s COLA rate (3.2% this year), and this adjustment is reflected in the approved budget. The budget also allocates a buffer to empower the building manager to make the same adjustment on staff wages. The two owning congregations separately approved their OBIC assessments and reserve-for-replacement contributions (UUCC approved these numbers in our FY23-24 operating budget at our annual meeting on June 4, 2023).  

Looking ahead to January 2024, the OBIC board will welcome new representatives from each congregation, and gather for a board retreat focused on defining the board’s culture and values and envisioning its 2024 goals. One of those goals will be to complete a long-overdue bylaws revision. Also in 2024, the OBIC board will host an annual meeting inviting participation from both congregations—this will be the first meeting of its kind in many, many years! 

The OBIC board will meet again on Wednesday, January 10 at 6:45PM on Zoom. Info about that meeting will be published on the UUCC calendar before the meeting, and guests are invited to observe.  

If you’re interested in learning how you can support OBIC, send an email to Valerie. Getting involved with OBIC is an opportunity to connect with other congregations, work with a friendly and interesting group of people, and shape the future of interfaith collaboration in our community.  


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