Only a few weeks from Boston!

Only a few weeks from Boston!

Dear Quest families –

We’re only a few weeks away from our trip to Boston! Please double-check your itineraries and make sure you have made arrangements to get your students to BWI on time.

If you have ANY need of new copies of forms that I gave out at the meeting(s), please let me know! Email is the preferred method – I leave for Chicago this Sunday evening and will be out of town from 3/25 to 3/30.

I have almost everyone’s permission slip – thank you!!! However I still need a few of you to fill out the online waiver form for the King’s Chapel tour. We do some stair-climbing, and each student going on the tour with us should have filled one out before we arrive. You can just email me the confirmation numbers once you receive them, I will put them in a document to bring with us to Boston in case there are any questions.

We will meet this Sunday, March 25 at our usual time from 5 to 7 p.m. Again, since I’m traveling, I won’t be there, but KP and Ann and Beth will continue to prep your students for the big trip!

Again, any questions whatsoever, please contact me. I need signed permission slips for all students by the end of March.

Thank you!


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