Opportunity! Help Us Worship, November 5

Opportunity! Help Us Worship, November 5

Hello again Quest and YRUU families!

Next week I’ll have more information on our Youth in Worship discussion for Sunday, November 5 – but we have a great opportunity that week for youth to participate in service!

As you may know, the first Sundays of the month this year are multi-generational services on a theme. This means the littlest kids don’t go downstairs, but instead stay in the sanctuary. We have been doing not just one story or activity involving the kids, but two per service. The theme for November is “Abundance” and Paige, Kelli, Michael and I are working on the service. The second “kid activity” is going to be singing a song with hand gestures (“From You I Receive To You I Give”) and collecting food donations from the congregation.

If any of you are interested in helping out – this is for both the 9 a.m. service and 11 a.m. service! – please let Jen know!

Thank you!


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