Opportunity to shadow a Hospitality Team Member

Opportunity to shadow a Hospitality Team Member

Sundays seamlessly happen thanks to our Sunday Hospitality Team, without them there would be no chalice set out, bell to ring, no coffee, snacks, orders of service, name tags, and much more! Many hands make light work and we could use more hands on the team.

There are different styles of jobs to meet the various unique personalities we value here at UUCC, from introvert to extrovert; single, couple, or family, and every thing in between, there is a job for you. If you have been looking for a low-stress, low-stakes, and low-commitment way to get involved here at UUCC, this is your sign to give the Hospitality Team a go!

We welcome anyone to reach out to Hannah Nelson about what job may be best for you and whether you would like to shadow someone or just jump on in! If you would rather skip the personal interaction of chatting with Hannah, you can go straight to the Hospitality Team Website here to view the instructions* for the jobs and sign up!

*please note that a few of the jobs are undergoing some minor adjustments and the instructions are not fully updated. But if you are interested in one of those jobs Hannah will explain the adjustments.


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