Our Food Insecurity account is almost empty

Our Food Insecurity account is almost empty

UUCC’s Free Little Pantry located outside the doors of our Owen Brown Interfaith Center

Dear UUCC Family,

Our Food Insecurity account is almost empty. We have already discontinued things like paper towels and diapers. Our Little Pantry is such an important ministry and our neighbors need our help. It’s not just the pantry, we also do bags of food for local schools so children can take food home on the weekends. Imagine if you did not have enough food to feed your family.

I did the math and if 100 people would donate $20/month we can support the program or 50 people do $40 which is just $10/week.

Please do whatever you can. Thank you.

We have the ability to set up a recurring donation in our Realm database I just set one up and it is easy. Use the drop down and select Food Insecurity. Feel free to share this with people outside of UUCC, too. I posted it on my Facebook page, too. Please don’t let our program discontinue.

In community,
UUCC Member Cindy Williams


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