OWL 8 Food, Sleep, Attendance!

OWL 8 Food, Sleep, Attendance!

Dear OWL 8 parents,

We still need help with the overnight – we need one or two more parents to chaperone overnight, and one or two more people to help with Breakfast on Sunday morning. Please sign up here:


We also need help with snacks for the regular Sunday evening class. With only 12 families registered, and 26 sessions plus the overnight, we need every family to take two classes, plus a few more families to take three snack times. Please sign up here for snacks for regular Sunday classes:


A quick reminder that regular attendance at OWL is important for the success of the program overall.  We all want our youth to grow up safely, capable of making choices that are healthy and life-affirming. OWL is a great way to build on those hopes for our children! Regular attendance ensures that our children have enough pieces to build that bright future!

Yours in faith,



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