Share Your Memory of Paige by May 15

Share Your Memory of Paige by May 15

A message from Melissa Affolter, UUCC Congregational President:

How do you thank someone for 21 years of ministering to us… through good times and bad, through some of most challenging times and some of the most joyous times of our lives, unwavering in her dedication to Unitarian Universalism, to this congregation, and to the highest ideals we hope for in this world?

There are so many memories that come to my mind, things I’ve experienced here that have made me laugh, cry, think, and realize how I can be a better person. I’m sure many of you feel the same way. So I’m going to try to capture all of those in a farewell / memory book for Paige and I would love for you all to contribute.

Share memories you find particularly meaningful, or in any way you would like to, tell Paige how she has impacted your life. I know that for myself, that could go on pretty long, but I’m asking you to keep it under 500-ish words. Oh — and you know the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words? Send them all! I want every picture you feel would be appropriate for this kind of book. Please get them to me by Wednesday, May 15, so I have time to get everything put together. Send them directly to me (UUCC Congregational President Melissa Affolter) at Thank you very much!


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