Palpable Love

Palpable Love

“I have never experienced a service so full of palpable love.”

She was a guest, there for a memorial service—one of several such services UUCC has hosted in the past couple months—and her comments to me afterward have been living in my heart ever since.

It had been a powerful, moving, love-filled service. It’s something we do well as a congregation, and I’m consistently honored to serve in those moments—not only to celebrate a beautiful life, but also to share Unitarian Universalism as it is uniquely expressed in times of death and grief.

In this year’s UUA General Assembly Sunday worship service—led by Rev. Gretchen Haley and others—one of the ministers spoke of doing the work of church, of congregational life, of community-building, so that it’s there for the moments that we privately hope never come, even though we know they’re a part of real life. It’s there for the times of loss and mourning and tragedy and spiritual crisis—a community of loving, caring people to which we can turn and know they’ll be there, arms open wide, to offer food and comfort and companionship. Palpable love.

I witness this tangible care among you, UUCC, in all the ways you are community for each other—for the members of your Reflection Groups, the congregants who serve with you on committees, those who organize for justice by your side, your breakfast groups and gardening teams and affinity groups and auction event co-hosts and crafting buddies. You nurture your communities within the larger community of UUCC. And when you’re needed, you show up.

We do the work of church so that we’re ready when needed. As part of this commitment to cultivating a caring community, we have invited Rev. Lyn Cox to conduct a Caregiving Workshop for UUCC on Saturday, September 17—it’s open to the entire congregation, and I hope you’ll mark the date and plan to attend!

May we—whether guest or long-timer—always know UUCC as a community of palpable love.



  1. John Guy

    To UUCC congregants and Rev Paige – May it be known that UUCC has a long term recognition of doing high quality memorial services . My first exposure to such was David Marjarum , a fellow employee and long before I I even considered UUCC as a religious home. A few years later it was Dr. George Brown ,a neighbor of mine in east Columbia and the first black pediatrician in Baltimore. Both of these services made a deep and lasting impression on me about the human love model that the congregants at UUCC practiced. So when I retired in 1995 it was easy for me to regularly attend UUCC as a Friend while still being a member of All Souls going forward. Today I am still rooted in both congregations. And UUCC still does magnificent memorial services. , too . Long may UUCC thrive. Love John Guy

  2. Carol Zika

    I have always felt the palpable love and spiritual uplifting, as well as the broadening of my intellectual side (and music education!). My heart receives a ding every time I hear of a beloved member who has pulled away. UUCC has given my adult life great meaning. I want us to flourish as a spiritual home for those with open minds and hearts. So may it be.

  3. Jim Alvey

    Palpable love and electric spirituality. I felt it. We all felt it. Thank you for curating the moment so perfectly. All the hearts in the room were in the right place at the right time, beating together. Thank you, Paige, and UUCC.

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