Jen Raffensperger

Jen Raffensperger

Jen Raffensperger – Youth Director

Jen Raffensperger joined UUCC as Youth Director in July 2016 after four years as a member of the congregation, lay leader, youth advisor, and elementary Our Whole Lives (OWL – sexuality education) educator.

Her commitment to Unitarian Universalism, UUCC and its members of all ages, is something she hopes to demonstrate within this position and in the way she carries herself in the world in general.

Jen completed her B.A. in English Language and Literature with a concentration in Mythology and Folklore at the University of Maryland in August 2015, 25 years after graduating from high school. Sometimes the longest paths are the most rewarding. She hopes to continue putting her love of language and struggles with traditional modes of learning into her role as Youth Director, leading to new and unique experiences for the youth of UUCC (and, frankly, all those around her, but let’s take this one step at a time).

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