Kelli Danaker

Kelli Danaker

Kelli Danaker, Religious Education Assistant

In a quest to make children the central focus of her working life, Kelli was lucky enough to find her way to UUCC. For the last 20 plus years, she has been and continues to work with children in theatre specializing in making Shakespeare fun and accessible.

Currently, she is developing and running a theatre program based in Westminster, Maryland. In addition, Kelli brings years of experience as an administrative assistant in busy office settings.

Kelli comes to UUCC with great enthusiasm for expanding on her passion for enriching the lives of children. While not a member of the congregation here at UUCC, she fully embraces its values of openness and inclusion and looks forward to learning from everyone!

Kelli lives in Baltimore with her chef husband, John and their beloved cat, King Lear.

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